how to make your house smell good without candles (4 all-natural ways!)

If you’re wondering how to make your house smell good without candles then you’re in luck because today, I’m sharing 4 natural ways to make your home smell fresh and clean using household products you already have around the house!

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How to make your home smell good with essential oils

Candles are great for making your home smell fresh but don’t just rely on them to make your home smell fresh! Especially when some candles are lin


1. Dryer sheets

The first way I like to have my home smelling fresh and clean while also cleaning is with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets work wonderfully for dusting off furniture.

I like to use the dryer sheets that are biodegradable and include natural ingredients like essential oils and recyclable paper. I strongly recommend looking into biodegradable, Earth-friendly products when cleaning because a lot of commercial cleaners are not only bad for the environment but bad for your health.

Dryer sheets do such a great job at picking up any kind of dust and will really have your furniture smelling amazing!

2. DIY fabric refresher

I make with my own DIY refresher with household ingredients. No crazy chemicals I can’t pronounce, inexpensive compared to house-hold brands, and you can create a spray that smells however you like!

I highly recommend purchasing an essential oil set like this so you can play around with different scents and concoctions!

I take a plastic bottle, and then I add distilled vodka, make sure it’s very high-proof and it’s not scented. I also use water, as well as essential oils. My favorite combo is a mandarin, lemon, and lavender combined

DIY Refresher ingredients

1/2 cup high-proof vodka
1/2 cup water Distilled water (if possible).
25 drops lavender essential oil
25 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops Mandarin essential oil
Mix in a spray bottle!

how to make your house smell good without candles (4 all-natural ways!)

3. Essential oils and a cotton ball

Now, you guys know I love, love, love essential oils, lavender being my favorite essential oil ever. I even have to have it on while I sleep!

However,  I also like to use essential oils on other things in my home. One of my favorite essential oil hacks is taking the essential oil, putting it on a cotton ball, and then rubbing that cotton ball on a light bulb. When you do that and turn that light bulb on and it gets hot, it’s actually going to allow that essential oil to disperse all over the room to make your home smell amazing since it’s hot.

You can also do the same thing with air filters, just taking that cotton ball with some essential oil on it and rub the air filter with that. When the air condition or heat is on, you’re going to be to smell that essential oil through that air filter.

4. Stovetop potpourri

Another way I like to have my home smelling delicious, but in a natural, inexpensive way is stove-top potpourri. One of my favorite ones is a super easy one and just includes apples and cinnamon simmering on a pot on the stove. Seriously, this will have your entire home smelling like fall.

Your house will smell like fresh apple pie

Take an apple and slice it into pretty thin slices, not super thick. Taking those apples and put them in the bottom of a pot or a saucepan, whatever you have, and then add some cinnamon sticks. Cover that with water, completely submerge it, and then turn it on low or medium and then let it cook, and you’ll have your home smelling like fresh apple pie, I promise you.

You can also add things like lemon peels, flowers, herbs, you can pretty much add anything to this. It’s just whatever you want the house to smell like, just add it to there.


So here are four ways you can have your home smelling fresh and clean naturally. Do you have any tricks when it comes to how to make your house smell good without candles? I would love to know below!

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